Understanding and how to overcome being Overwhelmed?

We can only defeat being overwhelmed when we understand it has a cousin called stress. So what is overwhelmed?

What overwhelmed is affects the very core of what we know is right. When we are in the state of being overwhelmed, we can’t identify the things that make us smile. Not being supportive is more the perceived reality than the truth. So being overwhelmed is a negative perception of what we already know to be positive. So now stress joins being overwhelmed and a visceral reaction becomes the new normal. By the way, I can't stand the phrase the new normal. Why? Can anyone explain what the old normal was? I digress.

One way to stop being overwhelmed is to change your surroundings. Exercise increases blood flow and creates more oxygen. There is another benefit and it's a mind shift. Our brain has to focus on something new so it has to take energy and shift it to the new activity. Metaphorically speaking a car engine needs a clean carburetor to be effective. When we exercise, we are cleaning the frustration of a clogged mind, and infusing a new activity that cleans the negative mindset and creates a more effective and positive reality. If you don't like to exercise use more positive words because words define your state. There's one take away, take a breath, relax because the moment is fluid and is never the same.

Be safe and kind to each other's needs.