Power Words

Hello world. Thanks for joining me today.

Today I want to share a few thoughts regarding powers words.

First, use your words as if they were tools in your tool box.

You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to cut a piece of wood when a saw is more practical and efficient.

When you label or name something you have defined that thing, a dog is a dog and can never be a cat. This is important because if we label something in our personal life, it cannot became anything else. If you tell someone enough times that they are stupid they will believe that they are stupid for the rest of their lives. Be cognizant, your words can define a person.

All of us are reactionary when we are attacked by someone’s opinions. We become defensive and emotionally overcome to a point that logic no longer exists. Emotion means motion in a positive and negative sense. In this example our emotional relationship to the attack is stunted and our response mirrors that person opinions we are experiencing. Therefore, we have become their emotional prisoner. Don’t let people’s opinion of you affect your positive day and the anxiety will stay at bay.