Focus on a successful relationship. My journey.

In a few months I will be celebrating 50 years of living with epilepsy. I have tonic-clonic seizures. Simply put, I lose all control of my muscles and bodily functions. I fall when I have seizures which can lead to injuries. I’ve had a tremendous amount of seizures more than I care to count.

Years ago anti-seizure medications had yet to be developed so the mediation of choice was barbiturates. I was on 5 different medications, 8,000 milligrams a day. Back then when you had a seizure the doctors adjusted the medication levels or added a new drug. And sometimes the doctors did both.

Can you imagine the conversations I had with myself? I couldn’t have clear thoughts because I saw smoke in front of a mirror. I could not see myself through all that smoke. I needed to create and FOCUS on a survival plan.

To start with I needed to find new doctors who would judge my current medication levels and replace the barbiturates with up to date medication. I was willing to have seizures if it meant I would see clearly and could create a new life.

Then I needed to FOCUS on my new plan. I understood that in any endeavor you must be willing to face the fear of life then transform fear’s energy to the fuel for success. So once I executed the plan and increased my FOCUS great things started to change in my life. This was the start of my successful personal journey.

What plan will you develop and what will you FOCUS on to be successful in your relationships. FOCUS is one of the most important things that create change. Be careful and only FOCUS on positive choices not negative behaviors. What you FOCUS on is what you will receive.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.