Identifying relationship values

By Thomas Curry | June 24, 2020

What are your relationship values? What questions would you ask? What is the benchmark you would use? With each person with whom you … Read more »

Epilepsy: Start with your relationship with yourself

By Thomas Curry | June 18, 2020

Family dynamics dictate the acceptance of epilepsy. Up-to-date information about social interactions plus the side effects of medication, including depression, anxiety, and low … Read more »

From Disaster to Triumph

By Thomas Curry | June 5, 2020

The power of the words we use and how it affects the way we think is crucial. There are many examples I could … Read more »

Setting Goals

By Thomas Curry | May 17, 2020

How to set goals for your success. Consider what the priority areas of your life are – which areas are you least satisfied … Read more »

Understanding and how to overcome being Overwhelmed?

By Thomas Curry | May 10, 2020

We can only defeat being overwhelmed when we understand it has a cousin called stress. So what is overwhelmed? What overwhelmed is affects … Read more »

Focus on a successful relationship. My journey.

By Thomas Curry | May 8, 2020

In a few months I will be celebrating 50 years of living with epilepsy. I have tonic-clonic seizures. Simply put, I lose all … Read more »

Awareness in the age of the coronavirus crisis

By Thomas Curry | April 28, 2020

Social distances, wearing masks, staying home, these are things that are now our new habits for life. Depressions, frustration, fear and anxiety are … Read more »

Want to improve your mental fitness?

By Thomas Curry | April 25, 2020

Here are some tips that help you improve your mental fitness. These are positive steps you can take to help increase your perspective, … Read more »

Keeping our perspective

By Thomas Curry | April 18, 2020

I’m sure that from time to time all of us have days when we are not in top form. Well today is my … Read more »

Power Words

By Thomas Curry | April 2, 2020

Hello world. Thanks for joining me today. Today I want to share a few thoughts regarding powers words. First, use your words as … Read more »