Awareness in the age of the coronavirus crisis

Social distances, wearing masks, staying home, these are things that are now our new habits for life. Depressions, frustration, fear and anxiety are part of our everyday experiences. We are told that we will come out of this and get back to a normal life. This is very true and that’s great.

The question that should be in all of our minds is what have we lost during corvid19? I am not referring to income, jobs, bills and financial savings. I am referring to the emotions that they create in our lives. As unemployment continues to grow our identity continues to evaporate. We are identified by what we do and how well we do it. As a result our Frustration , fear, depression and anxieties can cripple our positive thoughts.

Here is a simple yet effective way to start a positive journey.

First identify the worst things that can happen to you and your family.

Second, once the worst has been identified what are the steps can you take to start change? Here’s an example. I’m frustrated that I cannot stop the fear of not taking care of my family. Fear is a blanket statement. Specifically what is the first and foremost fear? It might be that you fear you don’t have any other marketable skills for new opportunities. Ask those who know you the areas where you excel. You may find that you have skills that you didn't know about and these new found skills will put you on a new path of opportunities.

Don’t quit. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your life.