About Tom


Epilepsy and I have walked the bumpy road of life together for 50 years. There have been bouts with social-emotional battles.

People with epilepsy have to work harder to get recognition. It takes more than a strong will and determination to climb over the hurdles and mental blocks. It takes successful and proven strategies to become emotionally stronger. I have worked 23 years of training and coaching people for success in a Fortune 500 company. I’m a certified strategic intervention coach using the core of the 6 human needs to create fundamental changes in people's lives.

I work with people who are at pivotal times in their lives to help establish an internal belief of personal achievement.

As your coach we will create a successful action plan.

These are examples of questions I used to identify your needs.

  • What are the 5 key relationships in your life?
  • What are your emotional patterns?
  • Why do you violate your values to meet your needs?

I look forward to helping create a path for your personal growth and success.

Mission Statement

The art of conversation is being lost due to technological and social changes. Personal and business communication needs to be cultivated.

Coaching by numbers focuses on building a foundation for long term success.


Professional Certified Coach, Robbins - Madanes Training: Life Coach
Certified Professional Coach, Robbins - Madanes Training: Marriage and Divorce Prevention


  • Creating game plans for stress, depression, self-doubt, and frustrations
  • Analyze verbal and communication skills
  • Work and life balance

Maximize your potential using proven methods for personal growth.

  • Personal game plans
  • Living your true purpose
  • Increase and raise standards
  • Motivational speaking/training
  • Advocate for epilepsy foundation

*We can cover other life topics such as relationship issues, fitness/health motivation, budgeting, etc.